i made it without panic attacks!

this weekend we went up to ski at Snow Summit on Big Bear mountain. we are lucky enough to be able to use N's bosses cabin when they aren't using it. it's a great little get away & has an AWESOME heater!! - i've got picture to upload & post.

we left about 1:30 on friday and took about 4 hours with traffic. we also go the long, long way due to my panic attacks. coming home took about 3 hours. got another dodge charger to drive which N loves (& would fit the tire chains we have if we needed to put them on). after getting settled we headed to the Lumberjack Cafe. it was a cozy spot with some good food. i had breakfast & N had country fried steak. his mashed potatoes were the best i've had in forever!! i wish i'd ordered a side instead of hashbrowns.

camped out in the living room floor & watched dvd's until we fell asleep. got up and to the mountain at about 8:15. it was super crowded since the weather was so nice. after looking around we realized the crowds were all the beginners...as N went up the mountain, he had much more room. i stuck to my beginner runs, had fun & didn't fall.

we decided to head back that nite since we weren't skiing the next day. it was a quick trip..but it seemed like a long weekend.

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