Mad Greek Baker, CA....madness & greekness abound

we stopped at the Mad Greek in Baker on the trip to Vegas. N likes gyros & stuff so he'd really been wanting to check it out..so we did. we parked on the side next to the drive-thru exit, so there aren't any front shot pictures. it was super crowded inside (madness) & tons of menu items & pastries (greekness). it took a while for the food to come out. good thing N ordered to go since the people who ordered to eat in next to us were still waiting for their food when we left. it was about 85-90 when we stopped, but we had a breeze. here are some pics:
drive-thru exit & patio eat area

in the patio eat area. there were xmas lights, so i bet at nite it looked pretty cool
this vixen was facing the car
& her end was facing me while N ate.
$11+ gyro w/fries..no drink with that price though
in process of processing


Strayer said...

What a butt to eat next to! You went to Vegas? What did you do there and where did you stay? Was it fun?

HB Livin' said...

we went last sunday for 2 nites. ned had free tickets to bally's so we just paid for the rental car and extras. it was ok. they didn't have my favorite black jack slot machines at Bally's so that was abummer. but the trip was nice!

V said...

I love the statues... Looks like a fun place to stop and eat.