not a mommyblogger BUT an aunt (non-biologically related) blogger...Btv...episode 1

i'll never be a cool "mommyblogger", get free stuff sent to me to "test" - then post about. i don't get people emailing me to post ads or any kind of fun stuff. it seems all these ladies that talk about their kids online all day do...

sooooo i've decided i'm an auntblogger! or should it be auntTblogger? even though we're not biologically related--like that matters anyways..

here are some delicious pics & videos of adorable little B who's getting so big!! i should have focused on this aspect(auntTblogging) a year ago then maybe..who knows...i could be "working" from home posting all day long. LOL

J doesn't even look preggers ;) B's bitter beer face!

mmmm gotta have these pics..getting it out of her eyelashes was the BEST part

i said "pick me up" NOT "take a picture"!

awww she takes after her aunt

so cute!

reading outloud to us

ouside on the deck..enjoying the sunset over the pacific

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V said...

Awesome! You are a great auntblogger... Keep it up!