Casa Grande...saving the best for last

Casa Grande is where Hearst lived. his guests would also stay in the main house during winter. it is huge! we only saw the dining room, a study, a billiard room & the theater. when we went on the tour we got to see the backside where they didn't decorate the outside facade.

guests were greeted by the Egyptian statue - Sekhemt ... . dating about 1300 bc
main guest entrance... a little impressive
as you walk around to the westside, the gardens & pathways are beautiful
the "back" of the main house,"not as nicely" decorated side.
walkin up to the back
the backside. you can see how it wasn't dressed to impress too much..though the gothic architecture is enough for me.

a couple side door escapes...

indoors main house:


dining room table
flags & ceiling above dining room

doorway in billiard room [we weren't allowed]

indoor pool:
 there is a diving balcony above N's head.
standing on gold!

the fountain opposite the main entrance

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