take me out...

to the ballgame.

last nite we went to the M's v Angels game. it was ok. we(M's) lost. they almost caught back up but the Angels were catching some crazy balls. the fireworks after were cool as always. it was cold but i had my seat cushion so it wasn't too bad.

today we got new tires for my car. the old ones were cracking.

continue to monitor the overflow reservoir on the coolant. still stable at slightly above the max line. when i got it back on wednesday it was at the min line. i'm hoping it needed to settle and will be fine. if it stays the same for a week, i think i'll be good. next will be to fix the air conditioning.

N brought a treat home from the store last week. Limoncello. today we're going to pick-up some lemonade to mix it with. boy is that stuff strong! no wonder Danny Devito was so out of it on The View.

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