nature at the ranch...

some shots around the ranch ..
last week we had a deer in the backyard. hope she comes back!

roses in front..a hummingbird has been coming by to visit it

garden when started

after some weeding.

my old tracker--it;s still here & just needs a battery to GO. 


mom said...

Location, location, location! What a paradise, love the deer and the beautiful red rose that attracks hummingbirds too! Nice to have a garden, lots to eat and a covered porch during the winter.
Lovely place!

Bob & Judy Holmes said...


It is so NICE to have you home!! I only hope that some day Jill, Steve and babies will also return to the Pacific Northwest. As for the deer...be careful what you wish for they have eaten all my petunias and tomatos!

Strayer said...

I want to live in the country again! No deer in cul de sac concrete land. I'm so happy you are living there and like it. How did your cats adjust?

Strayer said...

Outside cats and ferals love Dead Car Fields, as I dub them. They are havens for cats. I remember this VW graveyard where I trapped in Eugene (and fell in love secretly with the owner, who was married). The cats loved those dead V dubs strewn all over a lot or two.

American Foodie in Gent said...

The ranch looks awesome! Hope you and Ned are enjoying being home. We miss you guys!! And the kitties too:)