where o where are my dazzles?

you may remember reading a little while ago that i had ordered more of the dazzles gourmet popcorn we first found at the strawberry festival. it was my june treat to myself (in accordance with my hard line budget through 2009). it was charged right away so i figured i'd get them soon.

a couple weeks went by. i sent an email checking the status. no reply. another week...another email and nothing. i started calling and have left 2 messages so far with nothing back. i'm really, really disappointed with them and their service. i'll try once more next week to call then i'm going to have to figure out how to get my money back. this will not be fun..BUT at least some of the new tasks i'm doing at may help me find them.

i've started prepping the underwriting reports for the applications at work. still no raise, but people that do this in "real life" are paid really well and get good training. i (of course) will be paid the lowest they can get away with and get minimal training then be let loose on it. it's fun, but just another thing i'm taking on without much training so i do feel a little insecure. since they don't want to train more, this is what i get and i'll figure it out as i go. i like a challenge..but i also like to be paid what i'm worth. the recept that does nothing but call me to do her job and cover the front while she takes tons of breaks and has to pump a bunch, and she gets paid more then me by at least $2 an hour. i love it! i do her job and mine all day.

i haven't worked directly with someone so lazy before. even at the O, people did work at least. i hope that will change since i do work hard and our boss sees it. the ceo had a meeting yesterday where he told everyone if he catches them on social websites or playing games, they'll be fired on the spot. yup, i told him i was happy he's doing that. i work my ass off all day and all i hear is other people complaining about not having anything to do BUT they never ask for more work...just go play online.

tomorrow i get my haircut and foiled! it's been a year since i had a haircut. she's the last one that cut my hair a year ago too. my birthday present form J&S. no bangs this year!

some chick at work thought she could talk me into bangs. it made me wonder why she wanted me to have them so bad when i myself don't. like she wants me to look stupid for less girl competition or something dumb like that. maybe if i had lower self-esteem her badgering would have worked. then she gets mad b/c i don't want bangs...again. weirdo!! it's not surprise to me why guys don't want to get married-most women are nutts.

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Strayer said...

You have GOT to be on next season Big Brother! I would sooo watch it and cheer for you!