PLEASE..Help cat with surgery..click on title to go to post

Hi everyone, I never ask for money- I'm not asking for myself.
Please click on the title to read the full post. the pasted version below is very small.
I just called the vet office and the surgery was done yesterday but the funds are needed. I will be calling back on monday (office is closed on the weekend) to give..even $10 or $20 bucks helps.
thanks for taking the time to indulge me.

if you're feeling upset about the oil spill and animals affected but don't know what to do..here's a way to help a cat have a chance at life and a forever home. Don't forget to have your pets spayed/neutered. Always go to shelters for adoptions. Don't support farm breeders!


Strayer said...

Hey Kate, thanks for posting this too. I e-mailed the person listed at the bottom of the help Fritz post on the Parade of Second Chances blog, to see if they still are in need of donations, but I have not heard back. Let us all know what you hear when you call them Monday, would you? Would appreciate more recent news on Fritz.

HB Livin' said...

i will definaetley update what they say on monday. they said the surgery went well when i called yesterday, so hopefully the weekend will be good for the strong little guy.