Human Rights & Justice : Daweh Congo

great new post about this album on:
HB Reggae Blog

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our voice mail on the phone has finally been deleted. so now we officially have no phone. i can't wait to see what the bill looks like now.

my g-pa is doing a lot better. they plan to move him out of the hospital and into a nursing home on monday. i hope they can get him into the home that is near where my mom lives. fingers crossed.

i got my new blue razr phone! i got a good upgrade deal (ie free) finally with my at&t plan. so far i love it. the only thing i'm annoyed with is my 1 ring tone i bought didn't come across. i even used the same sim card. so no i don't know if i should buy the knight rider theme again. i bought it way before the new-tv movie was coming out so now i might look like i'm jumping on the band wagon. the one i'm still waiting for is the 90210 theme...not the polytronic one but the actual song with the clapping and all. i can find it on itunes but that all.

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