Lewis Black...in Bham!!!

the 1 thing i wanted for xmas, N got us.

tickets to see Lewis Black in Bham!! they were priiiicey, but it was totally worth it.
the show was last nite so we were up late.
he performed for over an hour!! it was great. the opening act was funny too. my cheeks haven't hurt that bad in a long time from laughing. it really felt good..what great medicine haha

i have his book on religion and brought with me. at the end of the show, he signed ticket stubs.we waited our turn. i got my book & stub signed. N took a picture of me & LB (on real film..not digital so it will develop on real paper for framing :)) then i mentioned to him how if you close your eyes when listening to Joe Biden speak, he has a bit of a George Carlin thing. maybe George is trying to come back us & help straighten things out?

i wonder what famous comedian bham will have next year. there's only 1 a year here..rumor has is Daniel Tosh was here a few years ago. it's still talked about LOL
Flowers from N on our 11th!


Strayer said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I will google Lewis Black right now!

ab said...

flowers are beautiful.love the vase
happy 11