crown is on!

after about 3 hours of x-rays, drilling and novocaine shots, my crown fits beautifully.
there was a tiny gap we saw on the xrays on the back side he had to keep working on. Dr George is so awesome! i don't mind that he takes his time. no other dentists i've gone to [and i've been to over 7] have ever taken as much time as he does. i've been there for 3 years and i'm so glad i found them. the girls there are great too!

so today i woke up with my monthly migraine. i've had it all week but it hit me hard this AM. and i've only got 1 zomig left until the 18th when i can refill the rx. oh well. if it's not feeling better in the next hour i'll take it and cross my fingers.

good news about my gpa. he's up in a rehab place in WS. he went to the doc yesterday and the doc discovered he has the bladder of a 79 year old. that's awesome since my gpa is 95!! the other thing going on is an enlarged prostrate. i'm not familiar with the guy stuff [since we women already have enough to figure out with our organs]. i guess that's pretty normal but i'm not sure what they're going to do. in a month he'll have a couple more tests done to figure it out more. he's been trying to walk more so that's great! the sucky part is he'll have his catheter in for a while. i had one when i had my surgery and it was no fun. very uncomfortable for me. i can't imagine how it would be for a guy. ick!

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