Welcome to…the tiny town of Cambria, CA

founded by Swedish-Italian immigrants. somehow the town is big enough to have an east side/west side rivalry. nitt witt home is also located here, you may have heard about it by artist Art Beal [1896-1992] started in 1928. i guess you could schedule tours with its current caretakers, but we just took pictures.

spent the morning on Friday in the city. had a great breakfast at Linn’s. they ollaberry jam was insanely good. I had French toast baguettes & N had eggs, pancake & sausage. we split a delicious scone too, good coffee too!

both nites we ordered take-out from JJ’s pizza. it was really good. after nite 1 I knew exactly what I wanted on nite 2 and ate it in about 30 minutes. N had salads…a different one each time. wanted to give them a shout-out.

motel we stayed at was nice. only fault- they said it was super quiet when we checked in & that was NOT true. you may have read about nite #1 from the earlier post but nite #2 was better! better meaning louder & less sleep achieved. i took 2 flexeril to plan ahead but still was awoken by the other “guests” who treated the parking lot like the local playground (kids running everywhere at 1am) or 7-11 (cars in & out all nite, loudly—I mean the town closes at 9pm!! where are they going?). N was pissed of course since he hadn’t taken a muscle relaxer…shoulda coulda. I would wake up to a dying smoke alarm any nite over rude people. all I have to do to shut up the alarm was take out the battery, if only it were always that easy …

decisions...decisions [we stayed in the east village]

they have a beautiful lawn bowling court on main street. free lessons too

the sign on the back wall. my gpa would have loved it!

car wash anyone?

where we had breakfast

the sign for the motel & view from back. they had a nice firepit set up in back & bbq spot in the lot.

light used to be in the san simeon lighthouse until damaged

at nite
back of a public restroom. i couldn't help a picture.
the full backside.
2 nitt witts [i managed to climb up then almost slide down the hill & bruise my toe, awesomeness!]

only rest stop on the way home..finally got my picture with the el camino sign

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