a little brag...

other than the main things in my head & the other end, i don't have too much going on medically thank goodness. though both cause life adjustments, at least it's not worse. i do have something to brag about. since 2006 N & I have been working on our cholesterol w/o meds. it wasn't super high back then, but definitely not to be ignored.

2006- 140 lbs
Trig: 139  HDL: 80 LDL: 103
Total: 211

2009- 125 lbs
Trig: 108 HDL: 91 LDL: 64
Total: 177

2010- 122 lbs
Trig: 97 (-11) HDL: 101 (+10) LDL: 68 (+4
Total: 188

you may be wondering my diet. i've developed a philosophy that our bodies are ment to be a certain weight (whatever that may be for an individual). when you look at most older people, they tend to be smaller then they were in their prime. i think this is more their natural size without all the extra garbage food thrown in. i know this has a little to do with the Buddhism as well. only eating what you need, not extra to be sick.

the alternative name of the diet is the "broke-ass" diet. since leaving the O in 2006, it has been an uphill financial struggle for sure. car, pets, meds, docs ect... i really have to stop buying the garbage i used to at the store since i can't afford it as much. now it's more a treat for sure. my main $ purchases for the week are pepsi & my del taco ($3.23 a meal! seriously...i can eat once a day, be full, not be broke & what i get is healthy) usually the $ goes on house stuff, cat stuff & bill fun. i just can't bring myself to waste it on food anymore when i really don't need it.

generally, i eat 1 meal a day (usually a small cheeseburger & fries)
snack on instant oatmeal (gruel as my friends call it) & granola bars
trying to eat more fruits & veggies but it is hard! lol..
oh i treat myself to a glass of pepsi a day on average in the evening & my 1 coffee in the am (with lots of sugar & cream)
instead of chips i always have a box of cereal arond to crnch on. right now i've been into special k
i drink gallons of water a day which i know helps & don't drink any alcohol
quit smoking about 2 years ago, never even looked back on that addiction
i walk alot at work

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