made Dutch Baby..then i ATE a baby

missing the M family last nite, i decided to whip up a dutch baby. so maybe through food we'd get just a taste of their exciting new adventures. it turned out delish & i know J might be a bit jealous not to have gotten a bit. we pretty much inhaled it, as that is how they are meant to be enjoyed!

click below for pictures, but look out for drool :)

view from top, fresh out of oven [you don't need cast iron]
side view

with powdered sugar & lemon juice

strawberry preserves added [from TJ, so good but now in a smaller container for same price?! anyway]

went to kean coffee other day. i had a honey vanilla latte & it was decorated like this :)


American Foodie in Gent said...

WOW! That Dutch baby looks soooo good! And Kean, yum! We miss you guys, we walked by a frites store (right by our apt) and thought of you and our idea of opening a frite stand. We'll have to learn the ins and outs of the frite business before we come home. Guess I've got a lot of eating to do:)

Strayer said...

I like to be in on that learning curve, you know, a trial tester, something like that. What a job!