Sage & Boys need FOREVER homes!!!

this is Sage. she is a mom to 4 boys. Cat Eyes was called out to a house to trap a "feral" cat. when she got there, she found this lovely lady & her 4 boys completely soaked in cold water from the hose of a resident [i won't even call them people] there. stuck in a cage, covered in poop, infested with fleas & half dead from the cold water soak, she held onto hope with her 4 boys. hope arrived from Cat Eyes! after being completely cleaned, dried & treated for the fleas they were obviously NOT feral cats at all. Cat Eyes couldn't bare to let them loose again in the neighborhood after being fixed, so she needs to find fantastic, loving forever homes for these survivors.

Sage may have a home in Baltimore, if there is a way to get her there. we got Tim here so hopefully those faceless folks in cyberland will step up & help out. there are so many ways, let me know if you're interested..or contact Cat Eyes direct on her blog.

Sage getting cleaned & warm

Sage .. what a kind soul

Mom & 2 boys clean, warm & happy--i need of forever homes
The Boys:

Keiko want to live with YOU!

Shaggy would love a family to love!

Dickens is ready to give you his HEART!

Tykes needs a special human friend to love him forever!


American Foodie in Gent said...

I'd like to help these cuties... can I make a donation?theas

HB Livin' said...

That'd be cool :) i'll email your gmail details. only 2 days left?!

Strayer said...

Kate, thank you so much for posting this about Sage and her boys, and for the envelope and all the work you did, to put those together. I love the cover you made, just love it. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I am kind of worn out, and meeting you and Ned, online first, then with Tiny Tim, feels like I"ve known you a long time. I was telling Machi's adoptors about my three hour vacation in HB and how fun it was.