when u have nothing to say...

i guess it sometimes translates into not being able to write.

so what's going on? got all the boxes shipped for xmas. just stockings left to get next week. useless at work called out "sick" 3 days last week, leaving me slammed up the ass with crap to do. once i get home i just veg at the tv trying not to think about work stiff. i'm hourly after all with no perks or recognition of the job i do, so they get no thought on my off time. my lunch breaks i totally stop workthought. thank god for in&out, fatburger & books!

i do love getting xmas cards. i know nowdays it's almost not normal to send a letter but i just love it so. nothing like getting a fun greeting instead of a bill.

went to doc on monday who confirmed i'll have to have a fistolomy for my fistula. joy! wrapping my head around that one now. i'd be out for a week at least, then who's to know...95% success rate, but if the abscess didn't heal (which caused the fistula), what are my chances on more healing? the general anesthesia freaks me out since you can loose teeth if they aren't good or something happens in the procedure. i've paid a bunch for my teeth. next apt is in feb so i can plan ahead to figure out the best week to go ahead. joy!

this morning after brushing teeth i saw a lot of bleeding on my "good side". rinsed with peroxide & salt/water combo to hopefully stop that. i go back to dentist in a couple week for #3 & #7.

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