i'm sooooo excited!!!

this morning i woke up to see mr. clinton arriving in n. korea.

my heart went to my chest. i jumped out of bed and ran to ned in the living room. i let him know what was going on and if anyone could help them, it was bill. [i've been following this story for quit a while -- Lee & Ling reporters jailed for 12 years of hard labor for supposed trespassing]

they are employees of gore's vanguard company so i was hoping he'd try to get bill on it. i'm not sure if that's exactly how it all went down. mrs. clinton visited a few weeks ago and wasn't treated to great. but it is a good ole boy system and bill can play with the best of them!

in the pictures they show online the evil dictator is grinning from ear to ear and bill with a very sober expression. he knows it's business not a game.

sorry but i couldn't keep my happiness inside.

i just found out my friend from way back is moving to london for his PHd. i'm so jealous (in a good way) so if we can save up enough we'll have a place to crash i hope. man i love those brits!

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