spoilt from afar..

a box came bearing gifts from ghent!! at the top was a 2-layer chocolate hodgepodge of 100% belgium chocolate (there are official seals on the box). and lo..the clouds parteed, the hummingbirds paused mid-air & there was speculoos SPREAD! speculoos is very similar in taste to the cinnimon covered honey maid graham crackers. sinterklaas cookies, plain & chocolate covered (zwarte piet (black pete)) rounded out the calorie pack. below is a pic of sinterklaas & 2 zwarte piet buddies...hmmm

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diana said...

Boy aren't you the lucky ones! I think I will watch my mailbox too for yummies from Ghent! LOL Got your christmas card, <3 and you were the 1st one we received again this year! You are way on the ball. do you and N have plans to go visit J&S while they are there?
Merry Christmas