Happy Mom's day weekend...

happy Mom's Day to everyone who is a mom. :)

we're planning a trip down to san clemente to eat at either Pedro's or Rasta Taco. i love both so much! the potato tacos at Pedros and the shrimp tacos at Rasta Taco...maybe we'll have to get the shrimp to go. potato tacos are NOT good reheated...trust me on that.

the other trip scheduled is a run to trader joes. i personally can't go into that store. too crammed with people, products, the aisles are small, lighting is dark and everyone has a friggin cart! so N bravely makes the run for us (i give him my $$). don't get me wrong. I like the store -- when it's empty, but i'm not a late nite shopper so my chances of getting there at a near-empty state are few and afar between. thank goodness for N!


Anonymous said...



mom enjoying Mothers Day weekend

HB Livin' said...

that bird was a little scary
:) K