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i asked for 2, half days off in the next 2 months...dentist & specialist visit. trying to keep myself healthy & all that personal responsibility. when i take a half day, i work 730-130 going 6 hours without a lunch (if i beg enough) OR i'd be working till 130, but having to fit in a 30 minute break, thus getting 5.5 hours.
i work my ass off covering for both  my boss & receptionist. they get so much time off with no crap about it it's insane. i've NEVER worked a place where the receptionist gets paid to read & talk on her cell all day...boss can barely get in by noon.

not to worry..this is a year of change..more on that later.

below was the reply for my 2, half day off requests...am i crazy or it it total passive aggressiveness--and for what?? this is the same person who told me i couldn't have a heater at my desk i could get a doctors note &  with my raynauds but not worth it to play the dumb game..it's cool. karma is karma.

I have approved the time off for X and X. Your time is really valuable to us K.  J I know everyone really stresses out when you’re gone, so if you can please try to make your future appointments later in the afternoon (preferably after 3pm when the files are done) that would be great. Also, please note that it is a special exception to be able to waive taking a lunch on those days. I would prefer that you take a lunch during the day so you don’t overwork yourself during those 6 hours.  I’ve noted the days in the calendar and have replaced the 2/21 date. Thank you again for all you do! I really appreciate you and I know everyone else would agree what a great co-worker you are.

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Strayer said...

Sounds like you're the only worker there!