Jinxed myself on the snow situation...

you might have heard about the NW Jan2012 SNOWSTORM..we still have a long way to go to the melt out stages. N has been driving us both in to work with the green jeep in 4wd the entire way. i wear my helmet also. i HATE driving/riding in this stuff & i already stayed home twice this week due to the weather.
my brother has a wood railroad tie he chains to the back of a truck to plow the driveway. i did my part on the pathway shoveling.
the gate & driveway after plow

going in

the river still flowing

back 9

if you have good eyes
you can see my honda on the left side
under the trees

my bros cherokee chief

N's honda is under there!


Strayer said...

I want snow! That's so beautiful, but driving in it, another story. Your helmet thing cracks me up. Driving to the Snipped clinic Friday morning early, I tossed my bike helmet (I don't have a bike) and my life jacket into the car's passenger seat, ready to be grabbed. The helmet was in case of landslides, and the life jacket, well, the flooding issues.

V said...

It is sooooo pretty! I love it. I am jealous.