Get the GEAR!!!!!!!

i'm lovin Portlandia. they did a sketch recently that was so high-larious. especially with the company i'm working at now.
the link below goes to hulu. it's about 2 1/2 minutes long. almost every line cracks me up.

i'm back online, thou wireless isn't working..only the ethernet. i'm sure a call to comcast is in order but i'm going to put it off for a little while. we've still been going to auctions. i got a nice glass lamp that seems 60's-ish & a cool wood/leather chair w/footstool. i'll put up pictures soon. i promise.

work has been super busy. i'm still temping, but it's looking good for permanent position in the next few months. they fired the guy that was my "boss" there a couple weeks ago. so things have shifted, i do more work. at least i'm used to doing lots of work from all my past jobs. the people there are cool so it's a nice place to come in to everyday.

i'll be back.   soon!


Strayer said...

I love it too!! So funny! Have you seen the spoof, Vancouveria? It's on youtube. It spoofs Vancouver and rednecks.

Strayer said...

The recycle twins segment cracks me up also.

HotFudgeNubbins said...

Kyle M as the mayor..the anti-olympics, eddie vedder tatoo, brunch, city song...all so funny.