hfn phone home?

hope all are having a good summer, it’s just about over it seems up north.

i’ve been temping the past few months so that’s good. the computer there crashes constantly. when i get home, i’ve OVER the computer which is why i’ve been so silent the past couple months.

nothing exciting or bad has been going on, just same ole. hoping this temp project will be finished in the next month so i can get a new assignment.

we did a camping trip to Winthrop a couple weeks ago. unfortunately, the pictures i took were accidentally deleted by myself. we’ve been garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings & auctioning every other saturday.
cats are doing good. Hooka is still pulling out hair so she’s on crazy pills once a day & has the royal collar on when we aren’t around. i’ve been feeding a feral cat i’ve now named Samson. he comes by our place for food. we are going to get him fixed soon so he can come in inside eventually. he’s so gorgeous. all black and strong! but was so thin. someone just dumped in out apartment complex. i’ve also been flea treating him the past 2 months. Tim loves to hang out on the inside of the screen when Samson is out back.
just checking in..we’re still here & alive! more soon….

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