i wanna talk to Samson & Blueberry still needs a home...

this is samson. he was dropped off in the grrenbelt behindour apartments a few months ago. it took a while, but we finally got him to come around for food. he was sooooo skinny. he has now been fixed & had his shots. he comes inside for a couple hours in the evening to hang out. everyone is getting along well. Tim LOVES having a new buddy. maybe someday he'll stay in over nite. he is super long & has huge paws, a total hunter. when he comes in for an hour or so in the evening, he flops out on the cat pillow as if he's never been able to relax in his life. hopefully we can get him in nites as it starts to get cold out here.

Strayer of cat eyes blogspot has fixed 30 cats in 3 days through clinics in n. oregon. that is FANTASTIC!!
help her out by making sure YOUR animals & neighborhood animals are fixed & overpopluation issues will stop!!! much fewer unwanted animals will be the result, and WHO could be against that???

Blueberry- the tiny grey kitten with strayer still needs a sweet, loving forever home!!


Strayer said...

Did you get him fixed Kate? He is gorgeous! So tim likes him? Blueberry, by the way, is over at Heartland in Corvallis. I wanted her to get a home and she will be seen there.

HotFudgeNubbins said...

yeah blueberry!!
samson was fixed 3 weeeks ago, got the shot & we took him this past friday for the boosters. i really hope we can get him inside.

Strayer said...

that is awesome!! I am overwhelmed in cats again, as one foster got stressed and returned the mom with four kittens and two of the teens, all from the Lebanon situation. Not what I needed!