steak wrapped in bacon....


oddly, half the people who meet me make an assumption i'm a vegetarian. not sure why as i try to eat 1 cheeseburger a day (del, fats, in&out, wendys). at TJ's i found my new FAV-O-RITE treat. reading through the TJ mailer (which used too be much longer & funnier) i spotted the appetizer. we went. of course they were sold out that day. since then, i've gotten a couple packs so far. J i wish you were here to have some!!!

they come 10 in a pack. i usually do 3 or 4 at a time. the steak is seasoned like how i do flank steak. sometimes it can have a bit of extra pepper, but you can kind of brush it off. cook on each side almost the same amount of time at 475. the kitchen gets nice & warm, another plus!
then i made cookies for v-day. i ate them already. i'll have to make some for N's bday on sunday..same day as Bob Marley & the Superbowl this year.

curious? click the link...

self-explanatory ?

this is how they look out of the box

ready to bake. i always line the pan with foil cause this shiet is nasty dirty & i don't like to scrub pans.
just toss the foil & put the pan away, my way.

cooked.. see what i mean about the nasty shiet on the foil?

bacon side

meat side up

N thought they had a strawberry flavor..such is the power of color :)
my attempt at abstract icing w/a sandwich bag.


Strayer said...

They look sinful, Kate. Sinful! So, you fixing those for a super bowl snack?

I am trying self created rice ball recipes. I think they're terrible just plain, but have convinced myself I can come up with a sinfully tasty riceball concoction. For some reason, I am using the word sinful a lot today. I don't know why.

American Foodie in Gent said...

Yum!!!! You know I would love those, how about we get some in March??? Are those cornflake/ricekrispy cookies? Yummy:)Did you save any for your valentine? Ha ha:)

Tell N happy birthday! I sent him a card last week but who knows when he'll get it. Hope he has a great day-I'm guessing bacon wrapped steak & football?

Miss you guys!

HB Livin' said...

it IS sinful...LOL

it tends to bind me up a bit the next morning, so i pay for them a little. but they are delish!

Jody we are always thinking about you. whenever we look at tim (all the time) we thank god/buddha/whoever for you!! you are our valentine!

Jill we can't wait to see you guys!

Strayer said...

So happy birthday to N! How old is he?

That means a lot that you think about me, when you look at Tim. A lot. So much it means to me, that I think I'll jet down there, with five more cats for you. Then you'll think of me even more, probably.

HB Livin' said...

he's 33.
i'd love more but i think ned would get a little overwhelmed, until we have some place with more room. maybe even a second bedroom. i'd love to have them all.

you are doing great with the electricity! that ghost electricity can add up. i'm a outlet cop around here