Cantharellus Cibarius aka Chanterelle Mushroom hunting

went out in the woods towards Mt Baker on friday and did some chanterelle picking/hunting. my friend joked thati should catch & release the mushrooms, since i give him a hard time about fishing/crabbing (being buddhist). we only were out for a couple hours and all 3 of our bags had about 4-6 pounds in them. we cqame out the words close to canada, so we got a couple drive-bys by border patrol. they don't bug us since it's obvious what we were up to & it's legal (so far at least).

the guys got a bunch of golden ones but i kept finding big whites. the golden ones i found were smaller but so good when broiled. it's like a shroom chip!

4lb bag o shrooms

cleaned & cut. lots of Whites!

cooking in olive oil & butter

reduced & garlic added

they were still wet, so i stuck them in the broiler for a short time

just some jasmine rice w/soy sauce as base

please note our AWESOME tupperware plastic bowls from the 80's


ab said...

looks really good . I really like jasmine rice.

Happy eating mushrooms are so good!

mom said...

Yum, yum mushrooms are so good. You did a great job and were rewarded well for your walk in the woods with a delicious meal. Bon Appetit~

Strayer said...

I have lots of friends who pick down here but I think technically you have to have a permit now down here, unless on your own property or a friends.

A friend and I went out into the woods for chanterelles a couple years back but we were too early. She had a permit.

Strayer said...

I guess a permit is not required if you pick a gallon or under for personal use. There are many poisonous mushrooms so if you are picking to sell, you must have a permit. Maybe so you can be tracked if the mushrooms you sell are poisonous or have some poisonous ones in the mix. After reading that, I think I'll go pick some chanterelles!

HotFudgeNubbins said...

up here you do need a food service permit if you want to sell them to restaurants/stores. but since we aren't selling we're ok. i looked at the co-op & they are selling them 19.99/lb so the price for pickers isn't that' high..maybe $7 a pound right now. selling them takes the fun out of picking them for me :)