Bob Burr for Bellingham City Council

Lived in Bellingham for years, unlike other candidates.
Is ANTI- Coal, Drone & Fracking!
Has experience in this community.

UNDERSTANDS waterfront issues. I don't believe the other newer to Bellingham candidate has that history & social awareness of both, business, social (homeless impact), environmental and foreign interests involved.

I don't feel Roxanne Murphy has the awareness, knowledge, history & understanding of Bellingham and our residents or businesses, as she doesn't even work in the city! Another newbie coming into town to try to be cool. Tacoma is NOTHING like Bellingham.


LuckyCharm said...

Love this post! Wondering if you would consider putting Bob Burr's website up, maybe under "Cool Stuff to Check Out"? URL is http://www.bobburr4bellingham.com/

Thanks much!

~~Cheryl Kopec, site admin

HotFudgeNubbins said...

Hi Cheryl
I'd love to add Bob's site. Thanks. I'm really getting nervous, the more & more "endorsement" i see Murphy get. i can see her time being spent pleasing those special interest groups while alienating the citizens of Bellingham. She doesn't even WORK in this city? How can she be good on the CITY council & relate to Bellingham BUSINESS? Similar pattern for her when she lived in Tacoma. Hopefully voters won't be swayed by the newbie to Whatcom County. scary stuff.

LuckyCharm said...

Hi HFN (love that nickname!), thanks much! I've added your blog post to the top of the News section on Bob's website. Great blog, BTW!