sweet homemade chex mix..how i love you!!

this weekend we got our box of awesomeness from D & C. there were 2 bags of homemade chex mix made with mostly all chex cereal. i ate them in 2 days!! there were some fantastic hot chocolate packages (4 down) and homemade peppermint bark. mmmmm....
there are now 4 pieces of bark left.

our x-mas boxes are shipping out today--UPS. YEAH!!!

i went to the dentist today and here's the new picture of my tooth. he basically covered it in the tooth colored filling stuff. that will chill there until 1/14/08 (my next visit) when i go back and he molds this down to a stump and takes the impression for my crown. i'll get a temporary crown after that-- a picture will follow

he did a nice job making me a new tooth! soon the tooth with all the silver in front of the broken one will break and need the same deal. hopefully it'll hang in there for a year at least. :)

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