this week...

has been busy and not busy.

we're trying to get everything together for shipping north the beginning of next week. we were aiming for the end of this week but that had to be postponed.

had a migraine yesterday so i had to call out sick. which i did NOT want to do since now 2 days i'm off during xmas i won't be paid for since i don't have enough vacation time b/c of yesterday's and mondays tooth outages. pretty lame but what can ya do. i'm not going to stress out about it.

only one more week of work and then the 2 weeks of crazy time off. christmas week i'm working on friday only and new year's i'm working thursday and friday. both N and I have the same days off too. i can't wait!! especially for vegas!

side project...i've started writing down songs i like but i don't want to by the album. then i'll buy them on itunes and make a cd that way. i know i'm super behind the times and this isn't new and exciting new on what you can do with itunes...BUT i don't care! LOL my sirius lets me tag songs when i hear them and then when they are on another sirius station, i get a ping in my ear that says to look at the screen to see if i want to change the station to listen. this has helped me add a ton of old songs i'd forgotten all about.

i did sell some doubles of She-Ra figures on ebay this week! yeah me! that $$ goes to the vegas/xmas/tooth/rent fund .. oh look at that-- it's gone already.

i can't wait to do my taxes! i'm probably the only one that still get's to use the E-Z forms. i love it!

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