The Brothers Grim (2005)...Great Movie!!

i have to admit- i'm sad about Heath Ledger passing. i've enjoyed his movies- even 10 things i hate about you (which was filmed in Tacoma and Seattle-- great paint-ball scene at gasworks haha). a friend of mine who i worked with at the dot.com had worked on that movie with him. i hope she's ok. i've thought about her a lot. she was one of the coolest chicks!
Trish -- if you're out there somewhere/somehow...

i digress...
this weekend The Brothers Grimm was on TV again. i think this is not only one of the best movies, but one of Heath's best as well. sure it's a little fluffy but it's got a great story and awesome characters. it's too bad it didn't get as much hype as it deserved. Matt Damon played the other brother grimm. it was directed by Terry Gilliam. He was also directing the current movie Heath was working on.

If you want to see a great Heath Ledger movie..Rent This!!!

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