goals for 2008...

most people make resolutions. i don't and never have. i try to give myself goals though.

Goals for 2008:

1) find job w/ more $$ or closer to home
2) finishing fixing my teeth (this is a matter of $$, not lack of interest)
3) try to come up with healthy meals i like & can eat at home & cook fast & cheap
4) work on trying to save for a down payment somewhere (this will be possible once the teeth are taken care of)
5) try to keep my impatience controlled and not interrupt all the time
6) not being so angry at people talking on their cell phone while driving WITHOUT a hands-free device.
7) saving up for trip to Hawaii for M&E's wedding
8) visiting the Hearst Castle and the Winchester Mansion
9) go skiing at least once :)
10) hmmmmm. can't think of any more :)

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