the end of vacation...

tomorrow it's back to work. what a great vacation it's been!

today we topped it off with a trip to Pedro's! i had 2 potato tacos. usually it's only 1 i can handle. i try to eat as much as i can when i'm there since round-trip it's 70 miles! even though it goes by super fast. you even have the option of taking the 101 there/back if you're not in a hurry and want nice scenery. N had the rolled tacos and tried the basics cheese quesadilla. we both got bean/cheese/potato burrito to take home.

here's the front of the building when you're driving up. all the seating is outside and you park in back. on the left side is the drive-thru.
the classic sign
N enjoying his horchata.
my potato taco. on the second one i there was a lot more salsa fresca (tomatoes, onions, cilantro & lime juice) on it. other than that there's shredded cabbage and a delicious white sauce i've yet to replicate.

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