i miss you Mitch!

today i discovered another awesome thing about my sirius.

MITCH HEDBERG live jokes!!!! I love Mitch.

Mitch is a comedian who unfortunately is no longer with us. I saw him 3 times live in seattle and numerous times on his comedy central special. i totally recommend checking out his recordings or clips on you tube. the coolest thing was hearingg his voice on a cartoon called Home Movies i watch on adult swim.

his website is still being maintained- Mitch Hedberg's Official Website. N got the christmas ornament this year and we both are sharing an awesome calender.

i guess i miss being able to see him live and writing about it helps. i know it's weird, i never met the guy.

why can't my apartment be infested with koala bears?

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V said...

One of the radio stations in Seattle (Maybe 106.1?) has daily Mitch jokes. It's cool...