perfect job list...

i was thinking last nite about all the lists i make. grocery lists, to-do lists, car maintenance lists, goal lists, budgets (that counts), vacation lists...anyway

i can't seem to figure out what i really want to do with my life. what my "dream job" (other then rock star but unfortunately i can't sing AT ALL) would be i don't really know. ideally winning the lottery (HAH) and then helping animals the rest of my life and traveling and such. since that hasn't happened i really need to figure something out since i am getting old now. ugh!

so what better then to write a list of perks what my perfect job would have.

- the ability to work form home if i felt like it (or at a park or coffee shop) and not have to go in to a cube every single day

- the chance to use my brain to come up with "ideas" all day

- a personal assistant!

- great benefits

- occasional travel if i wanted to

- quarterly raises (i almost fell off the chair i was laughing so hard about that one, but dream big right?)

- company car (doesn't have to be brand new)

- more to come :)

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V said...

And nice benefits! Man, I miss benefits!