of course it wasn't going to be that easy...

the phone still worked when i got home today.

so i took a deep breath, picked up my notes of the previous call
(i suggest every time you have to call customer service about anything..always write down their name, and when you get transfered-that name, and take notes..it's great fun to reference them back to the rep) and dialed.

after holding i talked to Ida or Iba (or some such). i explained that i wanted to check on when the cancellation would take affect. she said she saw nothing in the notes about cancelling anything and asked why i wanted to cancel my internet. so i signed [internally] and said it's the phone i'm cancelling. then she said she couldn't help me and had to transfer me. i was confused since yesterday, i'd thought the guy had done everything he needed to do on the one line (no transfer). so i said that and she insisted she had to transfer me. so i said sure.

and waited...for a little while longer...wait there's som--Oh No it's a new song.

next lady answers. thankfully she was very easy to understand. i was so worried i would have to talk to someone who was in a different land and spoke a different language. anyway...i explained the deal again, very calmly and even added in why i'm cancelling so she wouldn't "take it personal". -hey our cell phones are cheaper and in this age, we're not getting rid of those!- she was nice and got working on it. after 10 minutes she thought it was odd the phone hadn't hung up yet. so i held on & on and then i think she got tired and went to the bathroom.

eventually she came back and let me know that the phone won't actually turn off for 3-5 days. gotta milk as much extra $$ ya know. it's not like they have to come take any equipment or anything. so strange.

so if the phone isn't off by the weekend...joy of joys...the saga will continue..oh for the love of all that's holy, please just turn off.

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