so much...

going on.
i've been wanting to post for a couple days but work's been busy and i'm still nice and sinusey so when i get home, all i want to do is stare at the wall. thank goodness the tv is in front of it!

big brother has started again. i'm loving it but i'm also not. why aren't i? because they started the show with the cast on thursday but are pretending on tv that it started the tuesday after that. so it's pretty frustrating knowing what goes on a week away from when it will air. if cbs wants people to buy the feeds, they should have figured this out. why should those with feeds even bother to watch the tv show b/c it's such old news by then. (i don't have the feed but i have a great site to check). very strange.

my riptide, season 2 dvd's should be here soon. i loved that show so much!! maybe watching that and 90210 are also why i'm particular to living down here. tv does mold your mind! haha.

alrighty..back to work.

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