Post 100..i am so stoked!

not only is this post 100 (thank you, thank you) but i finally found the name of this song i've been looking for.
i found the song on someone's mix cd and burned it. i loved it but never knew the name of the song or artist. then i lost that mixed cd. i was very sad. every now and again i would search google for it with no luck. today i figured why not. and i found it!! a song by the ataris called 1*15*96!!! so i promptly went on amazon and bought the cd for 1.58 plus shipping. oh happy day!

we went out to bj's last nite for dinner. it was nice but man were we pathetic. i'm not sure if our stomachs shrunk because we're poor and not used to eating a lot or what but i could only eat 1 slider and a few onion rings. so sad. they were so good too! N got a turkey cobb he managed to eat half of and a giant ceasar salad. the salad was really good (i had a couple bites). we almost ordered a pizza too. thank goodness we quit while we were somewhat ahead.
so now we've got 3 sliders, onion rings and half a sammy in the fridge. not quite as good as leftover thai food.

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