what the F@cK is going on??

i know it's the economy et al. but this is starting to freak me out. i've applied for over 25 jobs that i have qualifications for and got NO calls back. nada. neyt. i've never had that lack of response before. even last october when i was searching i went on interviews after only a week of sending out resumes.

i've re-wrote my resume and cover letter. i customize when i'm sending my res as best i can on the cover letter. i'm smart enough dammit. (little stuart smalley) but seriously!! i'm almost at my whits-end. after this week i'll have to try for fast food or something..where i have no qualifications. that'll be part time probably so they don't have to pay health insur (I LOVE HOW COMPANIES CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT) and it'll be min. wage .. about $7.50/hr. about half of what i usually make an hour.

anyone have any leads?

then to make matters more stressful i keep getting knocked down with migraines. i'm completely out of my god meds (zomig) and got my last free single pill of maxault from the doctors office (since they know i haven't had health insur for almost a year..they wold try to help a little but hey, they're not making money off giving me free meds ya know).

then i feel like a total lazy person since the only thing i can do to tolerate it is crawling in bed and turning off the lights, trying to make bargains with god about stopping it or practicing meditation with no success. i feel like i look like i'm lazy and just layin around all day & nite--but i can't move if i want. i'm not tired, but that's how it looks since i'm in bed all day and nite. so frustrating knowing there is a beautiful pill that helps me so much that i cant get without insur. they run about 40 bucks a pill!

other project for this week is trying to lower my CC amount due. i was fine when the card was with wamu but chase raised it 50% from my previous amount due. i dread dealing with that but i've got to. can't just not pay it. J comes back tomorrow nite. the kitties will be so happy to have her and B back! i can't wait to see how much B has grown.


HB Reggae Blog said...

Hang in there - Some employer will end up very happy !!!

Strayer said...

Are you on birth control pills? Those may be causing the migraines.

HB Livin' said...

i have been on BC since 18. i'm on the lowest dose of OTC and the docs and neurologists have done all kinda of trigger testing with that in my 20's -tried all kinds of stuff even up until last year. so far nothing. i had been getting better but i think the stress of trying to find a job isn't helping with it.