Wendy's breakfast...it does exist!

i mentioned trying to get up early enough last weekend to try the Wendy's biscuits & gravy breakfast and failing. well i did it yesterday. there was even had a guy promoting breakfast outside the store with a sign. no line in the drive-thru which was great compared to the 10+ cars in McD's drive-thru contstantly.

the gravy was seasoned suprisingly well and i didn't even need to add pepper. the biscuit was nothing fancy but it tasted fine. i do prefer the McD's biscuits, but they don't serve biscuits & gravy. the meal was warm when i got home which was a plus. i got the combo which included a med pop (or coffee) and tater rounds. it was all under $4. i will definately try it again and maybe the french toast stick too. Jack in the Box serves the toast sticks too but every time i've tried them there (4 times!), the sticks have made my stomach upset. hopefully these won't do that too!

the one thing that bums me out is the Wendy's by my work doesn't serve breakfast. hopefully if this is successful they will start too.

here are some pictures for those of you doubters out there. :)

top of menu
bottom of menu... :)the good...biscuits & gravey...
no i'm hungry thinking about them but it's too late! darn it!!

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