lifepreserver anyone? (or just a puffy vest)

time to jump ship, i was told today about my job.

so LAME!!! i didn't mind it. the hours are nice but the 3 guys that run it...are running it into the ground. they spend money an investor gave them on personal crap like food (everyday), rental cars and apartment rent. don't even get me started. so mr. investor wants them to sign a real strict contract (since it's his money). these guys live for pissing contests and lawsuits so they now think they're going to sue him. so ridiculous. we finally started getting regular orders in last week.

get this..the main guy is raking in $12,000/mo and the other top 2 are getting 10,000/mo. then there's me and the office manager who works her butt off. she makes a good salary but she's really the only one that works other than the outside sales guys.
sucks ass!!!! looked at craigs today for jobs and found 1 to apply for --and it wasn't even full time.

good news is our little furry girl hooka is better! she got really sick 2 weeks ago. after a couple rounds of blood work, x-rays, frutosomine test (for diabetes--she DOESN'T have it!) and antibiotics i got a call from dr. love today-yup that's his name and he's really nice. she is back to normal..her billyrubin (yellow pigment) that can escape the liver is back in normal ranges. it was incredibly high when she went in originally--almost to liver failure.
we're not sure how she got sick. shes indoors, no fleas and weezie doesn't fight her (plus weezie is declawed). strange. i think maybe a bug..viral or real.


Strayer said...

Did she eat anything, plants, or anything she could have swallowed that would be liver toxic? This includes anything that could have landed on the floor that she could have walked through, gotten on paws, licked off later.

Strayer said...

You are work hunting again? Oh no. Up here, the job market is awful. I hope you find something. I hope this company with the asshole brain dead guys goes under. I really do. Sorry, I can't help but hope for that outcome.

HB Livin' said...

i think she may have eaten somthing strange..nothing else makes sense. i'm so glad it wasn't diabetes (yet)

yeh this job isn't going to have any $$ by next week..unless the braindead idiots start working. so aggravating!