checkin in...

still alive. not too much going on here the past couple weeks. job searching in a city with no jobs. even if it took a couple months down south to find a job, at least many jobs are advertised daily & i can get interviews. here there's just no jobs advertised.
kelly temp hasn't been busy either. my last job with them was in September, so i've been trying on my own the past month.
only advantage to being broke is the broke diet :) lost 7 lbs already! 120 here i come. don't worry, i'm nowhere near SoCal skinny...maybe close to washington skinny now. eating is just medicine for your body & you are always told NOT to overdose on meds, but people do it on food at every meal. one reason thanksgiving isn't a big thing for me. the act of killing a turkey is horrid & presenting it in all it's stuffed, cooked glory makes me sick. that plus the constant comments about food drive me nutts. i know what to eat & when to eat! arggg
one reason i don't go in public a lot for stuff like that (group eating). people think i need to eat like them, but my relationship with food is different than most people around me. N & my aunt think similar to me which helps. they have NEVER pressured me to eat & knows that once i eat, i'll be good for the rest of the day.

By the Way...not eating meat the last year has GREATLY reduced my migraines & stopped the blood from my colon. meat is not good for me & i never will go back, even if i wasn't Buddhist.

not sure how this turned into a food lecture. just want others not to put their food issues on me..i'm not fat, i don't need to exercise, & no, i don't want that crap you are trying to make me eat. then people act all offended when i'm not hungry. sooo bizarre. i wish everyone could mind their business.
also got new upstairs neighbors this week. listening to them move in from 9:30pm-12:30am each nite has been a joy. today i get to listen to them coughing constantly...can't hold their weed i guess. i mean, they are so loud i feel a part of the convo. not to mention a dog whining & barking. hopefully they will settle in soon. so far it's as bad as the last tenant. i don't get why we can't have a nice, quiet single or couple up there. i mean we are!


Strayer said...

I hope you guys find jobs. Are you going back to HB, if you ever can? There are not many jobs up here that's for sure. Is there anything I can do to help?

HotFudgeNubbins said...

fortunately N has a job that's ok. someday we will go back to HB for sure...at least i will ;)
thank you for the positive thoughts!!

Strayer said...

Noisy upstairs neighbors are hard to abide. A real pain. I wish I could see you guys again. I'm glad N found work, wish you could too.