NEUTERSCOOTER back in oregon!!

Eugene March 21
Rickreal March 22
Corvallis March 24
North Bend April 3
Gold Beach April 4
Veneta April 8

$50/cat for spay/neuter and free shots!$40/cat and free shots if you pre-pay on line at www.neuterscooter.com
This is a great opportunity to get cats fixed at a reasonable rate. If one prepays online, a house cat or kitten, as young as six weeks, can be fixed for $40 and get free shots. Pay day of clinic and it is $50.

All appointments are made online.

The Neuterscooter does feral cats for $20, but they must truly be feral and in live traps to qualify for the lower rate. Spread the word! Alter this flier's Eugene date to print off posters and advertise any or all of these clinics. Or, sponsor ferals or tame cats, to be fixed at one of these clinics by contacting Strayer @ Cat Eyes http://catwomanflix.blogspot.com/

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