i swear this week is getting longer...

it's got to be thursday, right??? but no, only wednesday.

it's been kinda up in the air. my gpa went back in the hospital yesterday AM. he has an infection still. i just hope he's comfortable. my mom said his new room there is nice and has a fish tank around the corner so when he's up and walking he can check that out. it sucks being down here right now. it sucks not having disposable income to take time off and fly up. it just sucks.

any warm wishes for my gpa are appreciated!

my heads been a wreck all this week too. i've had 3 replax today just hoping to manage it. i'm at work but not very effective. i have to "rest" my head for at least 10 minutes before i can be coherent and concentrate on something. fortunately the loud man is out this week!!

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