i do love bread...

as most know. i'm not a fan of "things" in bread like nuts, raisins though...a purest.

but bread is bad for you. at least the kind i buy from the store. the kind i really like are more $$ then i want to pay. i was thinking about this and i remembered when my gpa had a bread maker. he would turn it on in the morning and before you knew it, the house smelled delish and the bread was amazing. so i bought a bread maker today. i figure it can't be too hard. i'm excited!

in other news, i have a new cat-nephew. my bro got a cat from an ad he saw in craigs list. he's been looking around for one for a while now and this just seemed right time, right place. kinda how most pets find us. ;) his name is Thunder. i'm not sure if that will be adapted into something else as time goes on. i'm hoping to get some pictures soon. the ones of his i saw in the ad were gorgeous. i can't wait to yell...ThunderCat...Hoooooo haha

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Roman said...

I knwo what you mean, i am a bread fan too. I suggest that you invest in a bread oven. It cuts the cost down to a third and you can put what ever you want into the bread.