bikes...and tomato plants..

this is "my" bike. used to belong to my uncles dad. it's got a great seat on it.
N rides this one. it's a bit bigger so i can't quite balance on it but that's fine.
here's a shot of N's tomato plants. it's amazing how well he can grow things without trying. just gets some good soil and they grow. he started them about 3-15-08. i like the reflection of the back reflector on my bike.

we went up to WH this am to check on ab & uj's place. all was looking good. my car did fine until we got off the 101 and started going up 27. then the temp started shooting right up. fortunately we didn't have far to go. we popped the hood and let it cool for about an hour. drove home with no incident. it's so friggin bizarre!!

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