with work at the job. wow. it still doesn't feel like i'm not going back next week. i suppose on tuesday when i don't go in, don't call out, it'll start to settle in. i can't wait!

i forgot my burned cds. i'll have to email about those.

we were going to be getting a new cat today. N's friend of a friend has 3 cats. this guy and his wife are moving and could only take 2 cats. the cat they were looking for a home for was about 5 months and a tuxedo male. we saw a picture and he is cute. so we thought, discussed and figured this is the time to do it since i've got some time off. today we heard that they are keeping the cat. the wife came home and decided not to get rid of him. i hope they treat all 3 well. i'm not upset, i just want the cats to all be ok.

we got some sad news earlier this week. N's grandma passed away. Virginia was an awesome lady. she was super smart and funny! i'm glad i was able to spend time with her while we lived up north. we had a great time talking about california (where she is from) when we went up for N's brother's wedding. we would send her colorful, fuzzy slippers and robe for christmas so she'd be warm and stylin at her apartment. she will be missed greatly, but i know she'll be watching out for us now more then ever - after she hangs out with some movie stars and her husband.

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