it's enough to make you bury your head..overnite up 4 cents. so today i went and filled up my car. it'll only get more expensive. i know we complain a lot, but we're not the only ones in this crisis. just watching BBC world news gives you a glimpse into what other countries are going through. in england the truckers are protesting by blocking freeways. in spain and france the fishermen are blocking ports. the bubble will have to burst at some point, probably sooner rather than later.

i don't agree with suspending the gas tax. that's a band-aid to appease the general public. if that happened, revenue for the roads and other services goes away. then roads get trashed and the public whines about it... it is also one of the only way for the government to receive money from the millions of illegals in the country. they've got to buy gas somewhere. if the tax was suspended, what will happen when it's back? don't people get that??? we'll get hit with double taxes and no cushion to ease the blow. seriously. this won't go away until people start protesting the oil companies themselves- not the government. who do you think runs it? the oil companies and pharm lobbyists. in India and Asia countries, the governments actually subsidize the oil to their citizens. the government still has to pay the international barrel prices. so in essence, they are losing millions and millions a day. that won't last too much longer. anyone have any of that "economic stimulus" left? haha

we pulled the trigger the other day and bought the tickets to Hawaii for M & E's wedding. very exciting to look forward to our september trip.

a happier picture of Jamaica from J & S

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hi there! i just wanted you to know a friend of mine with the last two ss digits of 05 actually did receive his economic stimulus check a few days before may 1st because it was direct deposited. don't give up hope, it should be "in the Mail" sea