movie review...on a lighter note...

we watched a few movies lately:

national treasures 2 last nite. it was ok. i liked that it flowed pretty quick, the 2 hours didn't drag. it was pretty predictable. i enjoyed ed harris and harvey keitel. it seemed like there was so much more they needed to explain but didn't have time so rushed through the plot. i've always been a nic cage fan, even with his hairpiece.

we also watched first sunday. that was a let-down. i knew it wasn't going to be as funny as the fridays since it was pg-13, but i didn't expect a family movie. don't waste your time on that one.

war with jet lee and jason statham was eyhhh. i love thier individual movies and it seemed like they could have done a lot more with their experience. the twists at the end were ok. i was kind of annoyed with one. the action scenes were well choreographed and fun but the dialogue, chemistry and movement of the plot were sadly lacking.

smiley face with anna farris was great! i totally wasn't expecting such a funny stoner movie with a girl as the main character. we had no idea the plot of this when we added it to the ole netflix cue. i'm laughing now just thinking of some parts. danny masterson (70's show), john cho (harold & kumar) and john krasinski (jim from the office) are in it as well.

and the last one, favela rising. this is an "indie movie" made about the ghettos in rio de janerio called favelas. there, the hope is minimual and survival consists of joining gangs and violence. this is about the hope that reggae music gave to men and women in a particular favela. they created youth programs and sucessfully kept many young children from the drug way of life. i highly recommend this movie.

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