Trumbo & Mozza for lunch...

ever heard of Dalton Trumbo?
he was one of the blacklisted 10 during the hollywood commie witch hunt. he wrote many screenplays including Spartacus, Roman Holiday and Johnny Get Your Gun (book also). i hadn't known too much about him before going to see the movie his son made based on his letters.

great movie!

then to Pizzeria Mozza co-owned by Mario Batali (he wasn't there though)on Highland for lunch:

...J had heard about Mario's place and wanted to check it out. i'm always down for pizza so away we went. when we pulled up, the valets insisted we pay the 8.50 to valet. J didn't mind but i would have driven right back out and found street parking..that's 2 days of del taco after all. haha. there was a giant door to enter through with no signage. how chi-chi.

this is what you see when you open the big door-the wine bar is on the right

the wine bar (we sat in the far corner) & the view of the windows from our seats

fried squash blossom w/ricotta ($12) ~ Margherita Pizza ($13)

i'd never had fried squash blossoms before and boy are they DELISH!!! OMG they almost melted in your mouth and tasted like candy. the ricotta inside wasn't overpowering (in fact i hardly tasted it). we split the pizza (perfect for 2 people lunch). the crust was cooked perfectly and super thin. no burn marks at all! the sauce was lite and had a bit of a wine flavor in it (yummy). the restaurant itself is tiny. we counted about 10-12 tables and the bar seating (wine side and pizza bar side). very tight. i couldn't imagine if it was busier. i ordered a coke and was told the 8oz bottle was imported from holland so it had "real sugar" not corn syrup. i didn't taste much of a difference except it was kinda flat...but they don't have any pop on tap and only 1 speciality beer...the rest was wine.
if i was in the neighborhood and had some $$ i'd probably come back...depending on if it was busy or not.


Strayer said...

Oh my gosh that looks delicious!

HB Livin' said...

the squash blossoms were sooo good. and i never thought they would be.