what can i remember...

my bro and D (his gf) came down last thursday and took of last nite. here's a brief re-cap.

Thursday, after getting back from the SD airport in N's car we discovered his transmission was totally leaking oil and it had sprayed up the back bumper too. so that's at N's work right now, waiting for the mechanic who fixes the work trucks to get back into town. a dinner of flank steak and cornflake potatoes was enjoyed by all.

Friday started out with a great trip to SideStreet Cafe for lunch. we then went down to Laguna for some snorkeling and wave fun. it was perfect weather. i tried the snorkeling, but the waves were pretty choppy so it was hard to concentrate on the breathing aspect of the snorkel while i was trying to not get knocked by a wave. soon i gave up on that and had fun bodyboarding and playing in the waves. after we showered up N and i took them downtown to check out main street, the pier and to see the sunset.

Saturday we went over to J's and went down to the beach for the day. it was nice. we were going to have a bonfire that nite, but all the spots were filled up. it was a relaxing, lazy day...however i did notice i now have giant sunspot on my forehead. which drives me insane since i'm totally fanatical about SPF and staying out of the sun. so that sucked to see. it looks half brown ewwww.

Sunday...hmmm what happened sunday? oh yeah! A and D borrowed the bikes and rode down to newport to check it out. i had wanted to go down there with them but i know the parking wouldn't be happening on the weekend so i was really glad they were about to go on the bikes. i cooked up a batch of sloppy joe for dinner then we were off to the Malibu Inn to see reggae. U-Roy and Cornel Campbell were both playing!

Monday A borrowed the jeep and went down to San Onfre to play on the beach there and nap in the sun. that nite we finally got to see all of A's pictures from his european vacation and the stories that went with them. good times!

Tuesday we got up, hung then took off for SD. my car started getting super hot super fast when we got of the 5 for Pedros. so we ate and let it cool down and A tried to get more of the air bubbles out. we were on a bit of a time crunch to get to the airport so many prayers were said. we did make it and as we were dropping them off the temp started it's climb again. so with the heater on and trying to mentally push cars forward, we made it back k on the freeway and got home.

next week i'm taking it into the dealership and asking them to BLEED the system. that's the issue. A said he'd call ahead for me and talk to them so they already will know what we've down and that it ISN"T a friggin head gasket--hello after 5 months of this would i still be driving??? good times. i just want it fixed!!! argggg and it doesn't happen all the time so i was glad it did it with A so he didn't think i was crazy like most people think (not N...he's seen it many times too).

so it was a good time. it was nice to meet D and get to know her a little. and now were back to basics. i'm going to LA to see a movie with J today. she's driving her car so i don't have to stress at all.

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